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Prior to their launch in 2005, Imagine Telecommunications Ltd asked 4L Communications to assist them in establishing their broadband ISP.

4L designed and implemented the network and systems infrastructure necessary to support this service - sourcing, installing, configuring and tuning much of the hardware and software required.

4L were also responsible for designing and configuring key components such as layer 2 and 3 connectivity, backup infrastructure as well as performance and availability monitoring.

Finally, 4L provided support and operation services to assist Imagine's in-house engineering team on an on-going basis.

Client Testimonial

"We have not been able to find nor could afford to hire the strength and expertise that 4L is able to offer - by outsourcing this aspect of our business to 4L, we can concentrate on the core elements of our operation and the prime areas where our value is generated."

Leo Lundy
Imagine Europe

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