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DVD Video Authoring

With the increasing prominence of DVD Video in the consumer market, the dominance of analog video formats like VHS is coming to an end.

DVD offers superior quality, durability and user interaction. User navigable menu systems allow for advanced features not previously available in older linear video formats.

Features like:

4L Communications offers a complete DVD Video authoring solution, with all the above features, plus:

Sample DVD Video - Into the Great Barrier Reef

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Featuring over two hours of underwater video footage, shot by 4L Communications in 2003, Into the Great Barrier Reef is a two disc DVD giving a spectacular insight into one of the world's natural wonders.

It includes:

  • Fully animated menu system
  • Approximately 140 minutes of video, split over 3 features
  • Photo galleries fish and plant life of the Great Barrier Reef

Interactive CDs/DVDs

In the age of digital media, users are moving away from passively receiving information and towards interacting with the data they seek. The World Wide Web is the strongest example of this, where users decide what they want to view, when and how.

Interactive Multimedia CDs/DVDs are another example. This media rich format is ideal for delivering information in an eye-catching, user orientated manner. Distributed on a DVD-ROM or CD-ROM, a wealth of information can be placed at the user's finger-tips. Unlike the web where users have to wait for content to download, interactive CDs/DVDs can store massive amounts of video, audio, images and text which will load instantly on the user's computer.

Sample Interactive CD-ROM - Great Barrier Reef Explorations

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Created in 2003 by a Director of 4L as a thesis for Dublin City University's Multimedia BSc, Great Barrier Reef Explorations is an educational Interactive Multimedia CD-ROM exploring the wonders and beauty of Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Features include:

  • Hundreds of original spectacular photographs and dozens of video clips from the Great Barrier Reef, shot by 4L Communications in 2003
  • 10 families of fish profiles in full - Damels, Anemonefishes, Sharks and more
  • A beginners guide to Scuba Diving
  • Screensavers and wallpapers which can be installed on the user's desktop
  • An interactive game

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